Telecommute for much less

When radiologists use their home Internet connection to read studies, they're last in line for repairs during outages. What's more, the cable company may charge more for that best-effort service than businesses pay. With telecommuter Internet, we can discount up to 50% of the monthly charges per user, with guaranteed bandwidth and repair/restore commitments. Instead of paying $89.99 for 10-Mbps Internet by ordering from direct sales, you could pay as little as $43 with Ethernet CSP. 

End PACS downtime with virtual desktops

PACS software often relies on outdated browsers and scripts that modern PCs can't easily support, resulting in costly help-desk calls. Rather than supporting a hodgepodge of operating systems, have your telecommuters run an inexpensive virtual desktop optimized for your software.

Eliminate the headache and cost of VPN support

VPN connections to PACS servers can be throttled by your VPN appliance or your ISP, cutting productivity. Using Ethernet over cable modem instead, each telecommuter can read files from the PACS over a virtual LAN without traversing the public Internet, providing a secure link with ultra-low latency. All without VPN bottlenecks, and for less than what your group may be paying for fair-weather IT staffing.

Fiber at unbeatable rates

Sales people with the largest phone company might quote your imaging center $1,400 a month or more for a 10-Mbps fiber circuit simply because they have minimum revenue thresholds per account. Brokers can quote the same Internet service at a 62% discount, but only Ethernet CSP brings the cost down to $560 or less. And certain buildings qualify for rates of $327 or less.



Keep your team in touch

You can reach staff quicker and collaborate more easily with modern phone service. For as little as $14 per line, you can replace busy signals with call queuing and multi-line hunting, while adding mobile connectivity through Single Number Reach and presence-aware instant messaging.

Whether you're independent or run a large group, Ethernet CSP can reduce your telecom bills.