Overcome indoor signal attenuation

With our Wi-Fi over coax (WoCA) solutions, you can avoid the need for range extenders and multiple access points, limiting hidden-node interference

Deliver peak throughput over 120+ feet

Even over 120+ feet of RG-6 cabling, Wi-Fi over coax can outperform typical over-the-air results just 20 feet from a router, without cutting throughput as range extenders do

Turn up Wi-Fi services quickly, for less

As a distributed antenna system, our WoCA kits eliminate the need to run Cat5e cabling, with simple installation for homes and offices

Reduce maintenance costs

With a long list of compatible routers, WoCA extends the useful life of Wi-Fi hardware, and makes future on-premise upgrades much more affordable than meshed extenders or PoE access points

Handle roaming the native way

Distributing Wi-Fi over coaxial cabling natively re-homes connected devices to the closest antenna, with no changes to an existing router's setup